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How often should a house be power washed in Canton, OH?


Why should you power wash your house?

let’s first look at why a house needs to be power washed in the first place to better understand the necessary frequency. Here in North Canton, OH it’s not uncommon to see unsightly green or black mold and mildew growing on the side of your house. You can often find the darker organic material growing on soffit and gutters while the ugly green is seen on north facing sides of the home. This organic growth will form over time in areas with little to no sun light and a higher moister content is likely. North facing sides of a house do not get as much sunlight as other sides. Its important to have your house washed as this nasty organic material can degrade your siding, lower curb appeal and spread quickly to other areas of the property.

How often does a house need to be power washed in Canton, OH?

Vinyl siding manufactures recommend power washing your house at least once per year. They also recommend a low pressure solution based cleaning process that not only kills organic material but prevents it from coming back as well. Here in Canton, OH we tell our customers to not go more that 2 years without washing your house. “Some homes have lots of tree cover, sit near a lake, have fencing and other objects that will block sunlight. These homes need washed every year as the mold is more likely to return faster” said Cole, The owner of Advanced Pressure washing in Canton, OH.  “We have been able to maintain a 100% 5 – star rating for 8yrs now because we power wash house in Stark county, OH either every year or every other year with a low pressure solution based cleaning process that does not damage the home and provides a long lasting result for the homeowner” – Cole.

How to do I know if my house needs power washed?

House washing in Canton, OH.

Here are some key points to identify when your house needs washed in northeast Ohio.

  • When you see green, black, or brown organic material on the home.
  • When you know the home has not been power washed in at least 2 years.
  • When you plan to sell the home and want a sparkling curb appeal.
  • When you notice light fading or gray specs forming on the siding (often only seen up close)

How do I get a power washing quote near me in Canton, OH?

For the best power washing services in Canton, OH  visit Here you will find a link to get a fast and free estimate for any expert power washing services near you. You will also find reviews from over 360+ satisfied customers in Canton, OH and beautiful before and after photos for examples of homes that needed a total power washing transformation. Advanced Pressure washing is located in right across the street from the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Offering much more than just house washing such as Roof washing, Concrete cleaning and sealing, Patio and Deck washing, Window cleaning, Gutter cleaning and Gutter guards as well. These are all services we highly recommend to anyone interested in getting the most out of their properties curb appeal. Stop in or you can also call 330-933-2706 anytime! 😉

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